Student Staff

The Center provides practical experience and paid positions for students who serve as teacher aides. Students also serve internships programs (FCS, Sociology, Psychology, etc., Caldwell Community College, and other local agencies).

The student aides are provided a quality work environment that respects the individuality of each person, and gives them the right to live, work, and learn in an early childhood environment. All students must adhere to the following polices:

  1. Student aides are under the direct supervision of a lead teacher;
  2. Students are expected to give regular, punctual, efficient, and cooperative job performance;
  3. All students will conduct themselves in a manner that is acceptable to the standards of the Child Development Center Polices and Procedures outlined in the Student-Staff Handbook and mandated by the North Carolina Division of Child Development and Early Education;
  4. Matters that are discussed with the staff of the Center are confidential (family information, special services, personal files, etc);
  5. Students must give as much individualized attention to the children as possible;
  6. Personal needs of the children must always take first priority;
  7. Give positive directions whenever possible. Guidance practices are thoroughly modeled and explained in the Student-Staff Handbook. Each child must be treated with respect.
  8. Never leave children unsupervised inside or outside; always check to make sure gates are closed and locked;
  9. Most important - be fair, consistent, patient, and loving. Treat each child with respect.

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