Classroom Procedures

This is a brief outline of the Appalachian Child Development Center and the families we serve.

General Information

  • There is a period of trial enrollment to ensure the program and the child are well suited to one another.
  • Please make sure your child’s name is on her/her lunch box, diaper bag, jacket, hat, bottles, or another other equipment that he/she brings.
  • Birthdays are very special days. Please notify us in advance so we can plan to celebrate with him/her. You may bring refreshments to be shared with the other children if you wish.


  • Children MUST be in attendance before 10:00 a.m.
  • Parents are required to sign their children IN and OUT each day and to be acknowledged by a staff member at this time. Do not leave them in a hall or office.
  • Only a parent or another authorized person will be permitted to take your child from the Center. If someone other than the parent is to pick your child up, please notify us by note or telephone. Please inform that person that identification will be necessary.


  • Everyone MUST wash their hands upon entering the classrooms.
  • Children bring their own nutritious lunches.
  • The Center will serve two snacks per day.
  • Medications are NOT administered to children. Please make arrangements to come by the Center and administer necessary medications to your own child. If you cannot be here to administer the medication, the Director will administer the medication with written instructions and consent from the parents.
  • Children go outside EVERYDAY. It is the policy of our Center to allow outdoor play, every day, for the children. Only during extreme conditions do we NOT take the children outside. Please remember to send appropriate clothing, even extra clothing (socks, mittens, gloves, boots, scarves, etc.) during cold, snowy weather for sledding, etc. If your child cannot participate in outdoor activities because of illness, you will need to follow the rules as stated in the Health/Safety policies of the Parent Handbook.

Classroom Guidelines

  • Each classroom teacher has designed her own philosophy/curriculum ideas which are clearly defined in the Parent Handbook.
  • All teachers receive Annual Training in areas related to Child Development.
  • Parents are encouraged to communicate daily with their child’s teacher.
  • Discipline polices are outlined in the Parent Handbook and are discussed with individual families upon enrollment.

Every family will receive a Parent Handbook with more detailed information upon enrolling your child at the Appalachian Child Development Center. Further questions? Call Ellyn!

Contact Us

Child Development Center
P.O. Box 32048
538 Poplar Grove Road
Boone, NC 28608

Phone: (828) 262-2183
Fax: (828) 262-7516


M–F: 7:30am – 5:30pm 
(academic schedule) 
M–F: 8am – 5pm 
(academic breaks)