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The Child Development Center is Expanding!

The construction phase of App State's Child Development Center expansion is on schedule, set for completion in May 2022. Afterward, we will begin the process of setting up classrooms, hiring teachers, and enrolling children for the fall 2022 semester. The expansion will provide enrollment for an additional 54 children. There are over 145 children on our wait list and several of those are children with priority status. We follow a five-tier priority system when enrolling new students. We start with No. 1 and work our way to No. 5, then move to non-priority applicants when filling our enrollment slots. After the priority status children have been enrolled, the remaining spots will be filled beginning with the oldest active application.

For example, if we have enrollment slots open for 4 year olds, we will first fill spots with children who have priority status. Then, we will call the family with the oldest application date who has a four year old. If that family accepts the enrollment spot and also has a two year old, the two year old is now considered to have sibling priority status.

The nuance of our priority system does not allow us to create a traditional waitlist with numbered spots. It is also important to note that our enrollment system is meant to support student families first and foremost.

If you have additional questions, please email [email protected].

Jan 13, 22