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Late Payment Notification and Debt Collection

The operation of the Center is dependent upon tuition received from families; thus, timely payments are essential.  Every academic year an enrollment packet is distributed to families that includes basic tuition information, current tuition rates and related payment policies. Families are required to review and sign documents for each enrolled child before services are rendered. Financial responsibility of tuition is accepted by the individual that signed the enrollment packet.

Billing Cycle

Monthly tuition fee invoices are emailed to families prior to the month that services are being provided. Monthly fees are due before the 10th day of each month for services provided that same month. A late fee of $25.00 will be charged for tuition payments that are received after the deadline. According to University policy an additional fee of $25.00 will be charged for checks that are returned due to insufficient funds.

It is the family’s responsibility to have a discussion with the Director BEFORE payments become delinquent in order to avoid any break in service. The key to avoiding breaks in service or termination is maintaining clear communication with the Director. Referral to resources that provide assistance with child care costs or establishment of a repayment plan may be possible options that prevent service termination if proactive communication is received.

Late Payment Notification Procedure

On the 11th of each month, an open invoice reminder and a new invoice of $25.00 for the late payment fee will be emailed to families that do not have a prior agreement with the Director. Outstanding tuition and related fees are due within five business days of the date that the late payment fee invoice was sent. The Director will reach out to families if outstanding balances still exist. The Director has the authority to discontinue services until payment is received or a satisfactory repayment plan is approved. Consistent or repeated late payment of fees will be grounds for termination of services (i.e., removal of the child from the program). Consistent or repeated late payment is defined as more than two times.

Delinquent Account Repayment Schedule Agreement

All delinquent account repayment schedules must be approved by the Director and Student Affairs. Advance notification of a late upcoming payment is preferable. The Center will create a Delinquent Accounts Repayment Schedule Agreement based on the approved plan. The agreement must be signed by the individual responsible for the outstanding balance.

Additional Collections Procedures

The Center can report any past due account, regardless of your affiliation with the University, over to the Office of Student Accounts for collection. Failure to make payment to the University will result in placing an account with collection agencies. In the event that collections are not successful the University may take all other legal actions necessary to receive payment, up to and including filing litigation. Refer to University policy 503.9, Collection and Write-Off of University Accounts Receivable, for detailed guidance of potential allowable actions.