Request for Application

Dear Parents:
Thank you for your interest in enrolling your child at the Appalachian State University Child Development Center.

Request for Child Care Service Policy

To apply for admission to the Center, parent(s) must fill out and return a Request for Child Care Form. If the parent is seeking admission for an infant, the pregnancy must be confirmed by a physician and a due date must be provided. (Applications will not be accepted if conception has not occurred.) Potential adoptive families may make application at the time they officially begin the adoption process.  A recent 1040 or 1040A Form is required when an enrolment slot being offered to determine the fee to be charged.

Once the Request Form has been received, the Center Director will date and sign the form. At this time, you will be placed on the Waiting List. The Waiting List is comprised of two categories: (1) Student; (2) Faculty/Staff. If a family qualifies for either status, they must choose one at the time of application and will retain that status throughout their child's enrollment.

Student Families:

  1. Parent(s) must be enrolled at Appalachian for at least six hours per semester and be degree seeking. Once enrolled, in the event that extenuating circumstances prohibit at least half-time student status, the parent must notify the Director in writing and this will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
  2. One semester of grace will be allowed for student families who, for the following reasons, do not have half-time student status for one semester: employment; fulfilling practicums or internships; maternity leave; or documented health reasons.
  3. The services of the center are optional to student families during academic breaks.  
  4. Occasionally, persons in professional positions in the community will enroll in a degree or certification program and take a six-hour course load. Such persons will be eligible to request child care as student families.
  5. FEES: See Number 3 under Faculty/Staff Families

Faculty/Staff Families:

The following applies to all families who make application and enroll as faculty/staff status:

  1. Faculty/Staff families are offered full-day care only.
  2. Faculty/Staff  and Student families will receive child care during the academic breaks (i.e. fall break, spring break, and between academic sessions) for approximately 48 weeks per year.
  3. Fees are based on a sliding scale pay rate. In order to determine the weekly rate you will be charged, we must receive a copy of your most recent 1040 or 1040A Form. If you do not provide the Student Development Office with a copy of this form, you will be charged the highest rate. This tax information will be required annually.  Contracts are renewed annually.
  4. Faculty/Staff may request "Payroll Deduction" by completing and returning a Payroll Deduction Form and return it to the director.

The Center serves approximately 70 children of the university community and makes some availability to serving children with special needs (referred to our Center from various community agencies). The breakdown of the age groups is as follows:

  • Infant Unit: 8 children (4 student/4 faculty-staff families)
  • Toddler Unit: 10 children (5 student/5 faculty-staff families)
  • 2-Year Unit: 15 children 4 or 5 and 4 or 5, depending on the date request form received or internal promotion)
  • 3-Year Unit: 15 children (same as above)
  • Preschool Unit: 20 children (10 student/10 faculty-staff)

Currently enrolled children are moved up into succeeding unit before new children are enrolled. Ratio of student to faculty-staff families could have a bearing on this.

Click here for printable version of Request for Application Form that needs to be submitted to the Director at ASU CDC.

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