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Acceptable Payment Methods

The Child Development Center’s (CDC) acceptable payment methods include money order, check, payroll deduction and credit card via Touchnet (opens in a new tab). Cash is not accepted.

Money Order / Check

  • Method appropriate for any type payment to the CDC
    • Registration, Tuition, Event, Late Payment, Lost Key, Late Pick-up, etc.
  • Make payable to Appalachian State University
  • Include helpful payment details in memo
    • Reason for payment (Feb. 2021 tuition, late pick-up on 6/13/2022, etc.)
    • Child/Children’s Name
    • Guardian’s Name (if paid by someone else or a money order)
  • Submission Instructions
    • Place check in CDC lockbox located to the left of the door as you enter the Center

Payroll Deduction (PD)

  • Method ONLY appropriate for monthly tuition payments
  • Available ONLY to permanent University employees
  • Allows monthly child care fees to be deducted directly from paycheck
  • Payments are applied to the following month’s child care fee invoice
    • June’s paycheck deduction is applied to July’s fees
  • Employee's responsibility to notify Human Resources of changes in amount or discontinuation
    • Deduction occurs monthly until the University is notified to stop payments
  • PD Enrollment & Adjustments Instructions
    • Process if established during the CDC’s enrollment process
      • Payroll Deduction Enrollment Form is emailed to all families in the yearly enrollment packet
      • Center submits form to Human Resources that were received during enrollment process
    • Process for mid-year enrollment (ex. not set up during enrollment process or new child) and PD adjustment (ex. child moves up to classroom with lower tuition rate)
  • PD Cancellation Instructions
  • Human Resources must receive Enrollment and Cancelation forms by the 12th of the month to be effective on that month’s paycheck

Credit Card

  • Method appropriate for majority of payment types of the CDC (ex. tuition, event - if set up, late payments, lost key, late pick-up, delinquent balance)
  • Site to process payments is located under the “PAYMENTS” tab by selecting “ONLINE PAYMENTS (opens in a new tab)” from the dropdown.
  • Accept HSA/FSA, Visa, Discover, Mastercard
  • We do not accept payment over the phone.
  • Additional information available under the "PAYMENTS" tab by selecting “ONLINE PAYMENTS (opens in a new tab)” from the dropdown.

Email [email protected] for assistance.